Back to School Student Surveys

minion welcomeHello, and welcome to Honors World Literature! To get us off to a great start, please complete the survey by clicking the link below. Please be sure to complete the survey by the end of the week. It should take approximately 20 minutes.


While you are here on, feel free to browse the website so that you understand how it works. Most of what you’ll need will be found in the menu under “Honors World Lit.” Here’s a brief overview:

  • Assignments and Updates: Here you’ll find (yes, you guessed it) assignments and updates. Be aware, however, that daily homework is always on the side board in the classroom. This is where you’ll go if instructed to do so in class.
  • Quick Links: A list of resources that you may need to access regularly, which may include links to vocab, popular websites we will use, etc.
  • Independent Reading Log: This is where you will go to get credit for all the books you’ll be reading independently this year. It’s important that you log in your books as soon as your are finished reading.
  • Goodreads Online Book Club: Our class Goodreads page will serve as an online home for some of our discussions and sharing of books (coming soon).
  • Acceptable Use Guidelines: An overview of expectations when engaging in online, digital environments related to school.
  • Syllabus: The course summarized in one page.


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