To Do: Week in Review/Preview

With our first two weeks of school behind us, it’s been a wonderful start! A few reminders about things going on in our world lit classroom as we enter week 3:

  • ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: Beginning next week, you will have an AoW (Article of the Week) due each Friday. Articles will be posted on under Honors World Lit > Quick Links > Reading. Print each week’s article out and follow the directions. You may handwrite or type your reflection. Turn in both the article and reflection every Friday in class. The first one is due Friday, 9/18.
  • TURNITIN.COM: Apologies if you had any trouble with, but everything should be working in order. Follow the directions here to 1) create a account and 2) submit a test assignment. Please sign up and submit your assignment this weekend.
  • INDEPENDENT READING:  If you already have an idea of what book you’d like to read, you may want to stop in your local library or bookstore to pick up a copy this weekend. If you are still unsure about a title, no worries! Ms. Hauer and/Ms. Davison, our librarians, will be visiting on Tuesday to discuss some great titles you may want to consider. I will also give additional booktalks next week. Please bring your independent reading (IR) book to class with you on Monday, 9/21.
  • VOCABULARY:  This week, you were given a packet with our vocabulary words for the year (tan-colored, handout #5 in your binder). Remember that our vocabulary quizzes will be cumulative. The first vocab quiz will cover words 1-5, the second will cover words 1-10, the third will cover words 1-15, and so on. Review the directions on your packet.  We begin our weekly vocab quizzes on Monday, 9/21. 


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