SaulSteinberg_IDoIHaveGreetings! You have been assigned the wonderful task of thinking about language as it relates to you. Using whatever materials you’d like, create a personal word book.

Your book of words should have a creative cover and be visually appealing by incorporating various fonts (see below for some sites where you can download free fonts). Please either handwrite your words or use illustrative fonts (see sources below). Weave visuals throughout to help bring your words to life. Layout should be thoughtful and cohesive. Each section should be labeled.

The following items should be included (and in this order).

  1. your first word
  2. your top ten favorite words, one being your favorite
  3. your top five least favorite words
  4. a word that has gotten you in trouble—use asterisks if necessary (rated pg-13)
  5. a word that is often used to describe you
  6. one of your parent’s favorite words
  7. one of your friend’s favorite words
  8. slang word/phrase you like to use
  9. a word you learned this past year
  10. words in action (use visuals to really animate these words)
  11. a made-up word with definition, part of speech, etymology*

*Because this is your own made-up word (or phrase), the etymology should reflect how your word came to be. When considering your “made-up” word, think about what words are “missing” from the English language. For example, you may want to create a word for the specific smacking sound that flip-flops make when you walk down the hall (not to be confused with the click-click-click sound that high-heels make).

Screenshot 2015-09-19 at 5.38.25 AM

For inspiration for your made-up word―and your word book in general―check out the book Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the WorldSome of illustrations from Lost are below. Click here to see more.



Some online font resources (you can Google for others):


(Assignment originally created by Mr. Trainer.)

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