UPDATE: Independent Reading Reflections

Beginning this week, in addition to your weekly minimum of two hours of reading, you’ll also reflect in writing on what you’ve read.


Each Monday, come to class with a 1+ page personal reflection on your reading from that week. Think of this writing as an opportunity to “take stock” of important moments in the text. How will you know what moments are important? Apply the Notice and Note signposts we discussed in class this week. You may want to have a few sticky notes in your book that you can use to mark scenes that are worth exploring in more detail – scenes that are “worth writing about.”

For ideas on what to write, consult your orange Notice and Note chart, especially the questions that correspond to each signpost. Please note that if you want to write about something that is not directly related to one of the signposts, feel free! Your weekly reflections should emerge from your personal reactions to the text. Most of the time, one of the six signposts will apply since they appear in so many different stories (as we saw in our discussions).

The key in your reflections is to reflect in an inferential or critical manner (not literal). Do not just describe or summarize what happened; instead, explore why what happened may be significant in the story (the signposts).

Your reflections and reading progress (have you made your weekly page goal?) will be checked each Monday. Remember, your reflection is due at the beginning of class every Monday (or IR day).

Your first reflection is due Monday, October 12.


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