While the teacher’s away: a To-Do List

TO DO- 10-24-11-2

Because I will be away the week of 10/26, it will be important for you to continue to work diligently in my absence so you don’t fall behind. Below, find the schedule for the week:

MONDAY, 10/26

First, turn in your Ramayana comic.

On Monday, spend the class reading as we do every Monday, except without the vocab quiz. The next vocab quiz will be on Monday, 11/2, when I return. It will cover words #1-25.

After you have turned in your Ramayana comic, please record an update for your reading last week (similar to what I do in class when I ask for page numbers). Use your own device or borrow a laptop and follow the steps below.

  1. Click here to update me on your independent reading for the week.
  2. Be sure to log in any completed books in the online Independent Reading Log (under “Honors World Lit” tab).

FYI: The two forms above are time-stamped, so make sure you complete this information immediately.

I will personally check your IR signpost reflection for 10/26 and 11/2 on Monday, 11/2, when I return (plus the one for 10/19 if I haven’t already checked that from you). Monday, 11/2, is your next IR day with vocab.

Weekly Reading

TUESDAY-FRIDAY, 10/27-10/30

We will begin our “official” study of Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare next week. Please complete the following activities this week.  Though it may seem like a lot, if you work diligently during class, you will have more than enough time.

There are FOUR steps total. When you are finished, spend the rest of the week reading your IR book(s). Remember that you must still read 2 hours this week to meet your weekly goal (see graphic above).

1. Complete the research task, “An Introduction to Much Ado About Nothing.

*** Steps 2, 3, and 4 should be completed in the “Much Ado About What???” packet. NOTE: In order to complete these steps during class, you will need to bring earbuds to use.

2. Watch the TED Talk video below and answer the questions 2-6.

3. Watch the Biography video below and answer questions 7-11.

4. Watch the following three videos about irony and answer question 18.

NOTE: Mrs. Ebarvia returns on Monday, 11/2. Because that is a Monday, we will have our regularly scheduled IR/Vocab. The vocab quiz (#5) will be on words 1-25.

In addition:

  1. Be sure to have your IR signpost reflections ready to be checked (you should have IR reflections for 10/26 and 11/2, plus 10/19 if I haven’t checked yours yet).
  2. Be sure to fulfill your weekly reading goals (purple sheet). By November 2, we have been working on independent reading for more than 6 weeks, which means most students should be finished two books.
  3. Record finished books in the independent reading log online (link under “Honors World Lit” above).


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