TTTC: Socratic Circles (Part 2: During)

Discussion EtiquetteParticipating in an active discussion—especially with the eyes and ears of your peers around you—can be an intimidating prospect. Remember that effective discussion requires both talking and listening. As a friendly reminder, some etiquette tips for discussion are provided to the right.

When you are in the inner circle, consider using the following stems, which can help move discussion in positive, productive directions.

Sentence Stems for Higher Level Discussions Vertical

If you are in the outside circle, participate as if you were in the inner circle, just without talking. For example, if the inner circle is looking at a passage, open your book to the same passage and follow along. In addition, take notes on how the discussion is going: how is the discussion progressing, what points stand out to you, which points are developed/not developed, etc. Take active notes; you will need these to complete your reflection that night.

BYOD Tech Option! If you have a question for the inner circle about the content of their discussion, pose your question on the “backchannel” provided via to have your question addressed by the group.

1. Go to
2. Click on Student Login.
3. Enter 983226 as the classroom ID.
4. Post your question.

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