TTTC: Socratic Circles (Part 3: After)

After the class discussion takes place, you’ll reflect on how the discussion went from your point-of-view, whether you were in the circle or out.

Type a one-page reflection that answers the questions below. Please answer in a brief paragraph for each, labeling each response by the corresponding number. You may single-space your response (with a double-space between each question).

  1. What did you find interesting? Include specific ideas that stood out from the discussion to you and why. Be specific, citing whose idea it was, and explain your reasoning. How did this discussion deepen your understanding of the story?
  2. What questions do you have? Include specific questions, ideas, issues, concerns that you are still struggling with and why  this is still an issue for you.
  3. How did the discussion go? 
    • Inner Circle: Evaluate your personal, overall participation: how prepared were you? What were your strengths during discussion? Areas of improvement? Be specific.
    • Outer Circle: How do you think the inner circle did? What were the strengths of their discussion? What points were developed well; conversely, what points were dropped? Be specific.


For your reference, below is an archive of the backchannel discussions, beginning with Day 2’s discussion (sorry, Day 1 – I didn’t think to do this for you):


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