Extra Credit Opportunity

We’re out of tissues! Apparently, my grand supply of extra credit tissue boxes collected over the years is out. The good news is that you may earn extra credit by donating a “Tips & Tricks” tissue box to our class. Directions below:

  1. Acquire a tissue box.
  2. Reflect on the year so far and compile some useful “tips and tricks” for success in AP Lang and/or writing in general. Understandably, it would make more sense to collect these tissue boxes at the end of the year when you will have (theoretically) double the amount of wit and wisdom to share, but what can you do? Our stuffy, runny noses cannot wait. Below are some suggestions for what to include:
    • Tips for writing personal essays
    • Tips for writing / doing rhetorical analysis
    • General tips for AP Lang
    • Definitions and examples of rhetorical devices
    • Motivational quotes
    • Examples of noteworthy writing (sentences that make you go “wow!”)
    • Examples of effective punctuation
    • Anything you’ve learned from the course so far
  3. Use any number of crafty resources (construction paper, markers, crayons, glue sticks, and whatnot) to make your tissue box visually appealing.

Bring your box in by THIS Friday, 2/5.


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