LOTF Essay Writing Reminders

This week (2/1), we will be working on drafting and composing our Lord of the Flies essays. Check back here all week for the schedule and reminders.

NOTE: The 50 quotations we reviewed last week is linked in the previous post below.


  • During Class – Review the 5 parts of the classical arrangement model for literary analysis (same model we used for MAAN – Click here and here for those handouts). Complete the outline for your essay (last page of packet); begin typing essay if time available
  • Tonight – Submit your thesis statement online by clicking here. Finish your outline. Type at least one page of your essay, any part.


  • During Class – Write and/or revise the narration portion of your essay by following the Sway tutorial and steps outlined here. When you finish, get started on the confirmation portion of your essay. Remember to review how to properly integrate quotes using the context—quote—significance method we reviewed both for the midterm and for the MAAN essay.
  • Tonight – Write at least one more page, beginning with the confirmation. NOTE: Do not worry about the introduction at this point. If you have one already, great. If not, you can go back and write the introduction later. By tomorrow, at minimum, you should have the thesis statement, narration, and first few pages of the confirmation (at least two pages, if not more).


  • Tonight – Write another page. You should be at least halfway through the confirmation portion of your essay and as such, you shoudl have already discussed at least 2 or even 3 of your examples from the text. Be sure that you embed or integrate your quotes smoothly into the essay using the context-quotation-significance (“quote sandwich”) method. Here is a link to a Prezi I created that goes over the format. 



Be sure to review all tutorials here and listed above from this past week before you print your final copy of your rough draft.


Review this Revision Sway. Take your time and  make notes on your rough draft.

FINAL COPY due on turnitin.com by Monday, 2/15, 11:59 p.m.


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