Acceptable Use Agreement

This year, students in both AP Lang & Comp and Honors World Lit will be using a variety of digital and online tools to enhance our learning. These tools include, but are not limited to: WordPress for online writing (blogging), Goodreads for sharing and keeping track of books, Feedly and Diigo for sharing and annotation of articles, among others.

Students, be sure that you understand that Conestoga’s Acceptable Use Agreement (in your agreement) applies to any online learning we do in relationship to our course. In addition, review the guidelines below:

Any digital or online tools we use this year are considered an extension of this classroom. We are using technology to enhance and extend our learning community. As such, some minimal guidelines should be followed.

  1. All on-line content MUST be classroom appropriate. There is no exception here. If you would not say it in class to your teacher, do not write it on-line.
  2. Your content may include material that will be graded. Therefore, you should approach all entries in an academic manner.
  3. All content should be crafted with the same care and precision as assignments turned in during class.
  4. You will be given an opportunity to comment on your classmates’ thoughts and ideas. ALL COMMENTS SHOULD BE RESPECTFUL. Imagine your comments online as if they were being spoken in class. While it is OK to disagree on a point, keep your comments constructive and respectful.
  5. Enjoy! See this as an opportunity for growth to carry on a conversation with a fellow intellectual outside the confines of our class.
  6. Please report any violations of these guidelines immediately. This approach will only work if we are all involved and respectful.
  7. Any violations will be dealt with in a swift and fair manner per the student code of conduct.
Maintaining Anonymity

As a rule, you are to maintain relative anonymity while using this web resource. These steps ensure your privacy and that of others in class. Please follow the following rules when creating your account.

  1. Do NOT use your last name on your any non-TESD accounts. DO use a last initial or recognizable nickname.
  2. Do NOT indicate your address or any geographically identifiable information on your account or in ANY postings.
  3. Do NOT indicate your school in any place on your account including postings.
  4. Do NOT include any pictures of you, your friends, or family. Do use an avatar or artwork.
  5. Do not interact with, add, or accept virtual Friends at random.
  6. Also, please restrict your “friends” (where applicable) to classmates, friends, or family members that you have met in person.
  7. Regarding, do NOT join any groups or participate in other discussions on Goodreads outwide of our class book club.
  8. DO NOT SHARE anything on our private online sites/groups with anyone outside the class (ignore any sharing options)