Expert Essay


For this “big paper,” you need to…

  • compose around 2500 words
  • include at least five sources cited/synthesized
  • include at least one personal anecdote
  • include a primary source
  • demonstrate your understanding of rhetorical modes (narration, description, definition, etc.)
  • demonstrate your understanding of rhetorical terms and devices (logos, ethos, pathos as well as devices such as anaphora, hypophora, etc.)
  • organize ideas in a meaningful and deliberate way (sections are arranged in a way that builds/expands the argument)
  • use interesting diction and thoughtful sentence structures
  • present in a visually appealing “magazine” version
  • include a separate works cited page
  • showcase your voice

Click on the links/steps below to guide you through the writing process of your essay. Be sure to check back as more steps are added. Post questions below.

TIMELINE: Though we will have substantial time in class to work on this essay, you’ll need to spend some significant time at home working as well. Plan accordingly. My suggestion is to force yourself to write at least 1-2 pages of new material each night over the next week.

STEP 2: Down Draft

It can be daunting task thinking about writing your paper all at once, start to finish. So instead, approach your essay one point at a time.

STEP 3: Up Draft

Once you have some substantial amount of material down, now it’s just a matter of taking the time to sit down and do the hard but necessary work of just writing.

STEP 4: Revision & Editing

At this point, you have written multiple drafts and revised your essay with the help of a trusted peer (or two). Take some time to polish your essay.

STEP 5: Layout

Once you are absolutely certain you have completed the final edits on your content, now it’s time to lay out your essay in an attractive “magazine” format.

STEP 6: The 5-minute Talk

Each student will share a super-condensed version of their research in a 5-minute professional style talk to the class.


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