Blogging and Next Steps

Once you submit your anthology, use that week’s blog post (Week of 4/4) to think through what you’ve learned by blogging about it—talk about the most interesting things you learned in your research, the questions you sought to answer, the questions you now have. Discuss your working thesis; enlist your peers for additional ideas.

RScreen Shot 2016-02-28 at 10.05.55 PMesearch is a recursive process. Your anthology is the first step in becoming informed about your topic. Now that you’ve gone through this first phase of research, you’ve probably found that in addition to finding some answers to your initial questions that you also have more questions—questions that now require more research. Likewise, that research will yield even more questions, and so on.

That said, continue researching your topic even after the anthology is submitted. Although you will not be submitting these additional sources separately for a grade, you will likely be using them for your final essay (and including them in your final works cited).