Choosing a Topic

Choose a topic or area of research that will sustain you over several weeks and months.

Generally, your choice will fall into one of two broad categories:

  • Choose something you’re already interested in or passionate about (think TED Talks: what is your “idea worth sharing”?). Writing will allow you to explore that passion with a depth you may have not have had an opportunity to do before.
  • Choose something you may know very little about. Perhaps you’ve been wondering about something, but you’ve never had the time or opportunity to explore and pursue that wonder. Now can be that time.

So how will you decide? Use the infographic below to help you generate ideas. (HELPFUL HINT: Look up the podcasts listed—Freakonomics, BigThink, This American Life, and TED Talks—for especially high-interest ideas worth exploring.) Then submit your topic idea by Friday, 3/4, by using the link below.

Remember that you don’t need to have a specific thesis yet—you can’t have a thesis until you do your research, which is what the anthology is for. 🙂

Expert Project How to Choose a Topic