Independent Reading: What To Do As You Read

Weekly Reading

As we read together this year, it’s important that we keep ourselves organized. Follow the directions below on what to do as you read. Remember that during the 1st semester, you are required to read a minimum of two hours per week in order to develop a habit of reading. This is non-negotiable and should be treated like all your other homework.

Each time you start a new book:

Go to the last page of your notebook and add your book into your personal IR log (purple sheet):


  • Record the title and author in the very back of your notebook.

Reading Rate / Weekly Goal

  • Follow the directions on your “Find Your Reading Rate” paper (yellow) to determine your reading rate (# pages per 10 minutes) and your weekly goal.


  • Check the TOTAL number of pages in your book.
  • Estimate how many days it will take you to finish your book based on your weekly goal and the total number of pages in your book.
  • Look at a calendar; record your estimated finish date.
  • When you are actually finished your book, record the “Actual” finish date.
  • Your goal should be to meet or beat estimated finish date. If you are confused or want me to double-check, just come ask me.

REMINDER: Please keep your purple IR log updated – I will be checking periodically.

Weekly Reflections

You will be required to write a weekly reflection about your independent reading and the signposts you see. Click here for those details.

Each time you finish a book:

  • Record your finish date in the back of your notebook.
  • Log your book online in the Independent Reading Log (under Honors World Lit tab)
  • Add a leaf or branch to your “reading tree.”
  • Later this year: Add your finished books to your Goodreads page.

Each time you find a book you may want to read:

  • Add the title and author to your “On Deck” list in your notebook.

If you want to borrow one of my books:

  • Ask me.
  • Then go to one of the back computers and follow the directions on the orange sheet for digital check-out.
  • When you are finished, please return it to me by: 1) showing me the book, 2) placing it in the “return” bin, and 3) log onto the computer to return digitally.

Happy reading!