Visual ID cards

In order to get to know each of my students as quickly as possible, I ask that you introduce yourself using a “visual ID card.” You’ll receive a large index card in class. On this card, please include your name and any and all other information that tells me something about you.

As the name suggests, you should include visuals: drawings, pictures, words, color, charts, graphs. . . whatever and however you’d like to represent yourself. Think of this visual id card as the “infographic of you.”

Use color and fill the page. You may take a “collage” approach, or create something a little more organized (for example, a series of pie charts about you).

For inspiration, take a look at some of these wonderful visual biographies from James Gulliver Hancock’s book, Writers, Artists, Thinkers, and Dreamers.

Click on the image to see the images on Pinterest.

Click on the image to see the images on Pinterest.

And because I try to make an effort to do assignments alongside you, here’s mine:

Visual ID Card Mrs Ebarvia 2

And here are ones that my 9-year-old and 7-year-old sons did:

Visual ID Matthew Visual ID Toby

For additional ideas, check out this site of 83 infographics, which has some wonderful examples of how to represent information visually.

IMPORTANT: Use only your FIRST name on the front of your card (last name on back).

Please have your Visual ID cards ready on Wed., 9/9.