A Year in Our Reading Lives: An Infographic

As the culminating project for their 9th grade year, my students created an infographic to represent their year in reading. They included the 9 books they read as part of the course (our “whole class” novels) and then any additional books they completed as part of our independent reading endeavors. I’m so incredibly proud of the reading they accomplished, and I think the highlights in the gallery below speak for themselves:

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Slice of Life 31: Purpose with a capital P


I came across this infographic in one of my social media feeds the other day and immediately saved it. I tried to locate the original source by doing a reverse image Google search, but it looks like the image has been copied/pasted around so much on the great and wonderful world wide web that locating the source is beyond my Googling prowess. So if, by some small chance, the creator is reading this, thank you.

The infographic got me thinking about Purpose with a capital P. And it reminded me of a question I ask students, the same question to bookend the school year.

Ask me anything.

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