Much Ado Notetaking

We will read—and act out!—95-100% of the play in class. That said, your homework each night will be to review what we covered in class. This is especially important if you don’t feel confident in knowing what happened or still have questions.

As we read:

  1. EVERY NIGHT: Find at least one example of a signpost—Words of the Wiser, Again and Again, Contrasts and Contradictions, Tough Question, Aha Moment, Memory Moment—from that day’s reading in the text and mark it in the text using a post-it. On your post-it, include the citation (Act.Scene.Lines) and how the lines reflect a particular signpost. We will be writing a 5-paragraph essay related to the signposts, so be sure to keep good notes.
  2. BY THE END OF THE PLAY: Complete any study guide questions related to the day’s reading (you may also complete this during class as time is given). This study guide will be checked at the end of our reading.

Depending on what we accomplish in class, the two tasks above should take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Be sure to make time for your independent reading as well.