Task 2: Steve Mumford paintings

In 2010 and again in 2011, New York based artist Steve Mumford embedded with U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. He documented his time with the troops through a series of paintings, which were later published in Harper’s Magazine.

FIRST, Click the image below to view all the paintings published Harper’s.The Things They Carry Mumford

You can also view more of Steve Mumford’s “Baghdad Journals,” a collection of sketches and paintings from his time in Baghdad here.

SECOND, read this Daily Beast article in which Steve Mumford discusses his experience being embedded with the soldiers.

Below are other galleries featuring artists whose work also explore the nature of war and wartime.

After viewing the materials above, compare and contrast how war is characterized in art. What common elements do you see, either visually or thematically? How does painting and art bring an additional point of view to the nature of war?

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